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SUMMER PRIVATE LESSONS | Ages 9 and up | 6 Hours of Lessons| $325


The ultimate goal of this class is for my students to learn the basics of DJing and complete a 5 songs mix!


Students will learn a new skill set that will include the basic  functions of a DJ controller and Serato software, They will learn how to choose songs based on the key, speed, and energy to make their very own mashup.


  •    Lesson 1: Using a DJ Controller | Navigating Serato | Basic Music Theory (1 hour)

  •    Lesson 2: Transitioning between songs | Choosing the right songs | Setting up cue points (1 hour)

  •    Lesson 3: Audio Effects | Filters | Scratching | Advanced Techniques (1 hour)

  •    Lesson 4: Preparing a Mix | Practicing what you've learned (1 hour)

  •    Lesson 5:  Recording your very own mix!!! (2 hours)

*Lessons will take place at my recording studio in Manhasset, twice a week.

Session 1: June 5th -June 24th (Limited Space)

Session 2: July 17 -August 18th

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